Passionate about the science of learning, motivation, and mental health. Specialising in Biology, English Language, and Chinese Language. Intrigued by Finance and Economics.

Richie Chew Yi Xun

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English Language Coaching

Offered tutoring sessions to improve English language skills, including grammar, vocabulary, oral, and writing skills.

Biology Coaching

Provided personalised tutoring sessions for GCE A Level & O Level Biology, focusing on topics such as cell biology, transformation of energy, and genetics.

Chinese Language Coaching

Conducted one-on-one tutoring sessions for individuals interested in learning Chinese language, covering speaking, reading, and writing skills.

My NS Journey

Led a team to enhance the knowledge management of recruitment and courses at Headquarters 9th Singapore Division/Infantry.

Sole Recipient of all 4 accolades—Outstanding Performance Grade, Division/Formation Commander's Coin, Best Soldier of the Month, and the rank of Corporal First Class.

In the MOE-Shell Bright Ideas Challenge 2017, my team emerged as champions! The Bright Ideas Challenge Singapore garnered a total of 70 entries contributed by over 300 students from 34 secondary schools.

Learning and Motivation

As a Personal Learning Coach, I am committed to imparting essential skills, including effective teaching strategies, to my students.

Bright Ideas Challenge

About Me

I am a personal learning coach with a passion for the science of learning, motivation, and discipline. I specialise in Biology, English Language, and Chinese Language. I am currently an undergraduate at Singapore Management University (SMU) studying Finance and Economics!

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